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You’ve drawn the short straw: nobody else was able to organize this year’s reunion. It didn’t help that you lived closest to the location. Granny is counting on you to make sure that everyone can make it, and that all of the food and seating is planned accordingly. The problem? Your family members don’t RSVP to emails. So you have to get a little more personal.

Text your family members, and organize the reunion by finding out what foods people can bring, what seating preferences they have and if they have any food requirements. Some relatives are vague, some are hyper specific. Just make sure that there is 1 of every dish for the meal, and the seating plan that works for everyone.

Do this, and Granny will have you plan the reunion again next year - even if you don’t want to.
You might want to make some notes


ThePartyPlanner_TOJAM2020.zip 22 MB

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